Storefronts with a lot of art

“Half human, half automata. Outside and inside. Dress and act. Not much time, life at full speed.”

This was the inspiration for Jose Tomas developing its new showcase for this fall season, in which, after the summer break, we return to start again. The idea that there is a gear that starts only when we awake and accompanies us in our all day. The gear does not stop and we operate at their own pace.

The arms ready, willing hands: Do, there is much to be done a day ahead. We did not stop all day mouthing movements, speed does not slow until near the end of the day. All this happens within us. Daily. Automatically.

The well-dressed man combined trend and covers the internal motor. Garments prepared to withstand the day, movement, action and remain elegant: the other part of their showcase. Our outside. Drawers teach us recycled shirts, ties, scarves… all to get the balance: A suitable image for every situation of our lives.

José Tomas has won for three consecutive years the award for best showcase Shopping Line Barcelona with his creativity and good work. Each piece of furniture is made with his own hands and many hours of dedication.

Via: CUIDA DE TI. CUIDA TU IMAGEN – “Escaparates con mucho arte”.